Tree Controls


Data Tree

by Steve Checkley

A hierarchical tree list field with Mac/Windows interfaces and iOS support.


by Mats Wilstrand

A professional level, high performance tree control for LiveCode.

XML TreeView List Control

by Altuit (Chipp Walters)

Converts a set of XML data into a Windows-style tree control.

Tree Manager & Tree Field

by iMed Edition

A hierarchical tree list field with drag and drop capabilities.


by iHouse (John Dixon)

A simple, easy to use tree list field control with one level of hierarchy and popup menus to set properties (if you don't want to use the API).

Graphical Controls



by Altuit (Chipp Walters)

This control lets you select a folder that contains images, and it loads thumbnails of those images into a scrollable region for browsing.

RRP Carousel

by RunRevPlanet (Scott McDonald)

A carousel control that lets you scroll easily through images; works on iOS as well as desktop platforms.


by Tactile Media (Scott Rossi)

This lets you build beautifully rendered data gauges to display progress, numeric values, and comparative information.

Calendar Controls



by Altuit (Chipp Walters)

A wrapper around Sean Shao's calendarWidget that lets you call up a date picker like an answer dialog.


by Rotunda Software (David Beck)

A library that creates calendar groups on the fly, in vertical or horizontal orientations.

Balloon Controls



by Rotunda Software (David Beck)

A library that allows you to create a "floating" popup balloon with any contents that can be pointed at a given rect.

Grid Controls


RRP Grid

by RunRevPlanet (Scott McDonald)

A grid control that is more powerful than the table object, but not as complex as the DataGrid; provides special features like frozen columns and easy printing.

Other Controls


RRP HTML Toolbar

by RunRevPlanet (Scott McDonald)

Extends the LiveCode scrolling field by adding extended HTML formatting capabilities.

Spinning Wheel

by René Micout

A spinning wheel control for displaying progress.

Circular Slider Store

by René Micout

A circular slider control that displays the number while you drag.


Control-Building Tools



by Altuit (Chipp Walters)

ButtonGadget is the professional's choice for creating the best custom buttons for websites and applications.


by Andreas Rozek

Provides a bunch of iPhone-styled controls for use in building your iPhone applications.

HUD Panel Factory

by René Micout

A utility that generates HUD panels for Mac OS X.

Control Collections


$59 (Basic), $199 (Pro)


by Tactile Media (Scott Rossi)

tmCONTROL is a collection of interface components built exclusively for LiveCode users who want to give their stacks a more customized user experience. The controls cover variations of existing desktop controls plus some new ones (backgrounds, panels, accordion controls, etc.) as well as iOS controls Comes in several different themes.


by Ah, Software (Mark Weider)

Provides a palette of objects, graphics, and widgets that you can add to your stacks.



by Splash21 (John Craig)

A palette of custom controls aimed at rapid mobile app development (initially iOS, with Android following).


by MER Goulding (Monte Goulding)

A suite of externals/controls for LiveCode. The list of externals is rapidly growing and currently includes barcode reading, recording video, document interaction, twitter, extended file attributes, MapKit, action sheet, contextual menu and more.

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