Version History

Version Release Date What's Changed
1.3 06-04-2012
  • Fixed bug where secured DropTools would generate an error when the DropTools Palette tried to load a custom icon.
1.2.1 05-10-2012
  • Added version number to dropped controls to support future version control.
  • Added support for concurrent use of DropTools in both LiveCode 5.5 as well as earier versions of LC. (Prefs are saved in 2.7 format.)
1.2 09-12-2011
  • Added "Show Inspector after dropping control" preference
  • Improved integration with LiveCode IDE.
  • Added ability to option-double-click a control with the pointer tool to show the Inspector (if there is one)
  • Added DropTools menu options to bottom of contextual menu in LiveCode IDE.
  • Fixed bug where multiple copies of some DropTool control icons were being created and stored in the DropTools palette.
1.1 07-03-2011
  • Optimized the loading/display of DropTools by not reloading images on every launch
  • Optimized the storing of the DropTools palette location (removes sluggish response when initially dragging the palette)
  • Added API calls for DropTools_VersionCheck, and DropTools_TruncID().
  • Will automatically disable DropTool icons in the DropTools Palette if DropTools_VersionCheck is executed and the DropTools Palette is older than the version provided.
  • Folders in the "DropTools" folder that start with "(" will be ignored (so they can be used as support for specific DropTools).
1.0.2 06-25-2011 Fixed bug where the palette would move to a default locaton when the DropTools Preferences window was closed.
1.0.1 06-16-2011
  • Added API calls for DropTools_PurgeStack, DropTools_OpenCentered, and DropTools_CloseCentered.
  • Changed the wording of the "you need to have a library installed" dialog to make it clearer what is required from the user.
1.0 06-05-2011 First public version.
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